How to Create a Family-Friendly Kitchen

If you are building a new home or thinking of a remodel, we know that functionality is a top priority – especially if you have a large family or small children. Your design plans require special attention to ensure that the space is family-friendly and welcoming. At C and C Stoneworks, we’ve worked with many families to create both beautiful and functional spaces.

We all know, especially in eastern North Carolina, that the kitchen is the heart of the home, which naturally means it is the busiest room of the house. So, when considering design elements, we have a few tips that will make your space flow much better – and save parents from a little stress.

1. Open Floor Plan
Not only does an open floor plan make your kitchen look bigger, it also allows whoever is preparing meals to feel like they are a part of the action happening in the living or dining area. We know that parents of small children appreciate this layout too, so that they can keep an eye on their little ones playing in the next room.

2. Kitchen Island
Kitchen islands are so wonderful and versatile. They can be used for additional seating, prepping meals, homework, crafts or just hanging out before dinner. Adding a kitchen island not only gives you a very useful surface, but also a beautiful design element to your space. The countertop and/or cabinetry you choose to use on your island can be contrasting or complementing to the rest of your kitchen, depending on the look you are going for! Both are trending right now and real attention-getters!


3. Fuss-Free Countertops
​Low maintenance, easy-to-live with countertops are a must for families. You need something that is durable, fingerprint resistant and easy to clean. Trust us! Quartz countertops are a great choice, as they are heavy-duty and non-porous, meaning they are unlikely to stain. Quartz is available in countless colors and patterns, so you won’t have to sacrifice style for function. Granite is also a great option but does require regular sealing to keep it in excellent condition.

4. Kid-Friendly Countertop Corners
This is an important one! Sharp countertop corners seem to just be a magnet for little heads. We highly recommend that if you have small children running around at home, to consider a rounded countertop corner. Not only is it classic, it can help save you from drying a few tears.


Are you looking for a family-friendly kitchen design?  C and C Stoneworks is here to help!  We work with each family individually to create a space that, is not only beautiful but, works for everyone in the home! Contact us today!