What Can Cause Granite Countertops to Crack?

​As we’ve mentioned in many previous blogs, granite countertops are tough. Very tough. So, the last thing anyone expects is a crack developing on the surface of their kitchen or bathroom countertops. However, it is possible for granite to crack from improper care, wear and tear, and sometimes it may even be a natural part of the stone. Here are a few things that can bring about a crack in your granite countertops.

Natural Fissures
Like we said, sometimes cracks in granite can be natural. This particular type of stone is known to have natural fissures that could possibly develop into a crack. However, when working with C and C Stoneworks, we will identify any natural fissures and make sure that they are not in sensitive areas such as seams, cut outs and cooktop. This will greatly reduce the chance of cracks developing. Keep in mind, natural fissures actually give your countertops beautiful character and are nothing to worry about if the countertop is installed correctly! Check out our blog “Crack in Countertop? Or, Could it be a Fissure?” to learn more!

Hard Hit
While granite is durable, a hard hit with a heavy object can cause a crack.Weight
Just like a hard hit, placing a lot of weight on the countertop could also lead to a crack. Be mindful of any excessive weight you place on your stone surface. If your kitchen countertop design features a bar or island with an overhang, we add braces and corbels to give an extra layer of protection against cracks.

Improper Shimming
It is extremely important for your countertops to be installed on a level surface. Unfortunately, many homes, floors, walls and cabinets aren’t always level. If countertops are placed unlevel this can lead to numerous problems, including cracking. At C and C Stoneworks we shim areas to ensure that you have a perfect base for your countertop installation. If you currently have granite countertops, take a peak underneath them. If you notice any areas that are not touching your cabinets, you are at risk for cracks and should contact us!

Hot Pots
While granite is formed through heat and is therefore naturally heat resistant, constant exposure to heat over an extended period can cause damage.

At C and C Stoneworks our goal is to install beautiful countertops and give our customers tips and tricks to help keep them beautiful for years and years. If your countertops currently have cracks, give us a call! Depending on the size of the crack, we can repair it!