Purchasing the Right Quartz Countertops

Before you begin looking for quartz countertops, you should have some idea of what you need for your new or remodeled kitchen or bathroom. You will want to consider how long you plan to be in the house, and you will want an idea of what your cabinets and fixtures will be so everything can match.

Your kitchen is the center of your home. You not only cook there, but it is also where you gather and entertain, so you will want to be sure your quartz countertops reflect this. Your new quartz countertops need to compliment your style, needs and the current living space. You need to be well-informed when you start your search.

Things you should know when buying quartz countertops:

Function should always come first.

Every house is different and so are quartz countertops. There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to natural stone countertops. Quartz is available in assorted colors and styles, and some are made with kitchens in mind and others are for bathrooms. Our first tip before buying quartz countertops is to rank the features by your order of importance – such as durability, stain resistance, easy maintenance and cost before you make your quartz countertops purchase.

The style of your quartz countertops.

Make sure you shop around and look at a variety of options before you decide. Be sure you like the texture, look, feel and colors that are available. Do you need your countertop to be warm or cool to the touch? Do you want seamless appearance? What about a bright color? These are just a couple of other details you should consider along with the thickness, edge profile and overhangs when searching for the right quartz countertop. And the result should leave you amazed!

Should you mix several types of quartz countertops?

From ease of maintenance to scratch and heat resistance, every style of quartz has its own unique characteristics. Because of this, how do you choose which one to pick? Can you use more than one? The answer from many kitchen and bath designers is to mix it up. Mixing several types of quartz countertops could produce an amazing, completed space.

How do you set your budget?

This is a harder decision than what to pick! You need to know where you are starting before you start picking options. You need to remember to include things like delivery and installation costs, and specialty treatments such as the edges, backsplash and your sink, when putting together your budget.

Take home the largest sample possible, or see it in another kitchen, before purchasing

Quartz countertops come in many variations, from the patterns and colors to tonal qualities called vein movement. Some types of quartz have uniform speckled patterns and others have more veining or swirls, which are meant to mimic other natural stones such as marble.

Unlike granite, you can get multiple slabs of quartz in the same color, pattern and veining. If you can bring home a large sample from the showroom, you may be better able to envision it installed in your kitchen or bath.

For more tips on choosing not only quartz countertops, but also granite, marble and dolomite countertops, visit C and C Stoneworks’ showroom on Hwy 43 South in Greenville, NC today. Our interior design consultant will guide you through the process, from helping you choose your stone to the final installation. Give our team a call today, 252-902-5535.