The Most Popular Countertop Types (And Why)

Are you looking to redo your countertops and wondering which stone will be best for you? We are here to help! Here are the most popular countertop types and why they may be good options for your next kitchen remodel.

1. Granite

No surprise here – granite has been a crowd favorite for as long as we can remember. Because granite is formed near the Earth’s crust, where pressure is exceptionally high, and it is an average temperature of 2300℉, granite is known for being a hard countertop with extreme heat resistance. Granite comes in an assortment of colors and styles, making it popular in kitchens and bathrooms.

2. Quartzite

People like quartzite because it looks like marble and comes in some absolutely stunning colors. Not to be confused with quartz, quartzite is also formed when extreme temperatures meet extreme pressure, creating a smooth, glass-like surface. However, quartzite is more resistant to stains, scratches, and chipping than granite.

3. Dolomite

If you’ve never heard of dolomite, that’s okay! This stone is slowly climbing through the ranks of “most popular countertops” due to its marble-like look and durability. Dolomite is not as hard as granite or quartzite, but it is harder than marble. It is formed when limestone meets groundwater with high magnesium levels, causing the limestone to undergo a chemical change. Dolomite comes in shades of gray and white and typically has streaking (similar to marble).

4. Marble

A lot of people consider marble countertops to be the height of luxury. Marble is created when limestone or dolomite is exposed to the extreme pressure of the Earth’s crust. Marble comes in an assortment of colors, meaning there is something out there for everybody! However, marble isn’t as durable as other stones due to its porous nature. It is easier to stain, chip, or scratch if improperly cared for. If you have small children, this may not be the best choice for your home.

5. Engineered Stone – Quartz and Porcelain

While some stones are naturally made, others are designed to be your countertops. Engineered quartz is popular because it is virtually indestructible – including scratches, cracks, and chip resistant. Engineered quartz typically costs about the same as quartzite would cost, and though engineered quartz is more durable, quartzite is more heat resistant. Porcelain is another engineered stone that is available in almost every style, color, and texture you could dream of. Because it is manufactured with extreme heat, porcelain is also highly heat resistant and incredibly durable.

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