Standard Countertops vs. Waterfall Countertops

Choosing a countertop can be more difficult than you think. With waterfall counters becoming more popular, picking a countertop just became that much harder. I bet you’re asking. “what’s the difference between waterfall and standard countertops, and why should you choose one over the other?”

When it comes to your kitchen island, standard countertops simply stop. With a waterfall counter, your countertop continues to “flow” over the sides of the counter and goes down to the floor. Each option has a different look visually, and each option has different reasons you may choose to invest in them.

Standard countertops are what most people have in their homes. Standard countertops are a classic; a slab of countertop that sits on cabinets and has a defined edge. People tend to slide bar stools under the edge for a more visually appealing look and provide extra seating. Standard countertops are more affordable, and if your kitchen is smaller, it can be a great way to save space.

Waterfall countertops are more contemporary, with their seamless and clean look. They’re made to stand out and be the centerpiece of your kitchen. Waterfall countertops are almost exclusively stone, not wood or laminate. This, plus the use of extra materials, will add to your overall price.

Waterfall countertops are made to be aesthetically pleasing. Still, it’s important to be aware of your surrounding kitchen so the countertop doesn’t look out of place. Waterfall countertops also tend to take up more space, so this might not be the right look for you if your kitchen is smaller.

Whichever design you think will work best in your kitchen, C and C Stoneworks is here to help. If you need help choosing and installing countertops (standard or waterfall) for your kitchen, contact us today at (252) 902-5535.