Honed Vs. Polished Marble Countertops

honed marble countertops

Not all countertops are made equal. Something as simple as a finish can make a huge difference in the appearance of the stone, as well as the space. We are here to answer any questions you have about what finish to choose when selecting marble!

Characteristics of Marble Honed Countertops

Does not reflect any light

Honed countertops appear matte and velvet-like. There is no shine on honed countertops and appears more natural than polished marble. Due to the matte finish, honed countertops are less slippery when wet.


When next to other kitchen appliances that appear sleek and shiny, honed countertops are very contrasting due to color and finish. Honed marble comes in many different colors, but the colors are typically more muted and understated than polished marble. Due to this finish, honed countertops are typically used in places that have warmer tones and is a nice background for decorations.

Shows Scratches

Though honed marble is matte, it can be scratched—and it shows. Along with watermarks, these countertops can be affected by every day wear and tear.

Characteristics of Marble Polished Countertops

Smooth and glossy

In comparison, polished countertops are extremely smooth, and cast a reflection. Because of the glossy finish, this type of marble makes rooms look brighter, as the light is mirrored. This finish also causes the countertops to be more slippery.


Because polished countertops are sanded down to get the gloss finish, they are less porous and resist stains better. This characteristic makes it a perfect choice for kitchen and bathroom spaces. Despite this, polished counters can still be scratched fairly easily.


Like honed marble, polished marble can be found in many different shades and colors but appears brighter than most. This type of marble blends well with contemporary styled homes and contrast colors, such as white and black.

Either Way—It’s Marble

Both polished and honed countertops are originally marble, meaning they have similar durability. Whichever marble you choose, they both require a sealant to ensure toughness.

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