Standard Countertops vs. Waterfall Countertops

Choosing a countertop can be more difficult than you think. With waterfall counters becoming more popular, picking a countertop just became that much harder. I bet you’re asking. “what’s the difference between waterfall and standard countertops, and why should you choose one over the other?”

When it comes to your kitchen island, standard countertops simply stop. With a waterfall counter, your countertop continues to “flow” over the sides of the counter and goes down to the floor. Each option has a different look visually, and each option has different reasons you may choose to invest in them.

Standard countertops are what most people have in their homes. Standard countertops are a classic; a slab of countertop that sits on cabinets and has a defined edge. People tend to slide bar stools under the edge for a more visually appealing look and provide extra seating. Standard countertops are more affordable, and if your kitchen is smaller, it can be a great way to save space.

Waterfall countertops are more contemporary, with their seamless and clean look. They’re made to stand out and be the centerpiece of your kitchen. Waterfall countertops are almost exclusively stone, not wood or laminate. This, plus the use of extra materials, will add to your overall price.

Waterfall countertops are made to be aesthetically pleasing. Still, it’s important to be aware of your surrounding kitchen so the countertop doesn’t look out of place. Waterfall countertops also tend to take up more space, so this might not be the right look for you if your kitchen is smaller.

Whichever design you think will work best in your kitchen, C and C Stoneworks is here to help. If you need help choosing and installing countertops (standard or waterfall) for your kitchen, contact us today at (252) 902-5535.

Why Choose Natural Stone Countertops

Natural stone countertops can be expensive, so what makes them worth the cost? We have compiled a list of the top reasons you should consider spending the money and switching to natural stone countertops for your kitchen and bathroom.

  1. Stone comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors, textures, styles, and patterns (I mean, have you seen quartzite)? If you are looking for an eye-catching, showstopper, natural stone is the perfect choice to add beauty and elevate your home. Not only do you get to choose from a wide variety of colors, but there are also many other options. Each granite countertop also has a unique countertop edge. You will have a number of choices when deciding upon which edge you want.
  2. Natural stone is made to last the test of time. They are incredibly durable, require minimal maintenance and can withstand the spills, accidents and mishaps that often accompany day-to-day living. Granite is your best choice when it comes to hard-to-chip, crack, and stain countertops. However, hot cups of coffee, spilled wine and even slicing knives rarely damage marble and soapstone. So, depending on which stone you go with, your counters could be virtually indestructible. If they have proper upkeep, your stone countertops can last a lifetime.
  3. Believe it or not, stone countertops are more sustainable than other industry standards. With few chemical products used throughout industrial processing, toxic waste is little to none. All raw materials are used for the countertops or agricultural fertilizers.
  4. Stone countertops can increase the value of your home. Not only through visual enhancement and appeal, but in your home’s resale value. Stone countertops are a timeless piece that is always in style. Homebuyers will frequently choose to buy a home based on the stone countertops alone, with marble being a showstopper.
  5. Your kitchen or bathroom will be one-of-a-kind. Like snowflakes, no two pieces of stone are the same. This guarantees that your countertops will be unique to your home.
  6. Stone countertops are resistant to bacteria and dirt. Since granite comes from Siliceous Stone, it is naturally resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew and dirt.
  7. Stone countertops such as granite or quartzite require little to no maintenance. Your countertop can be cleaned with soap, a sponge, or a soft towel. This also keeps your granite countertop free of bacteria and dirt. In the event of something adheres to your countertop, you can gently scrape it off with a plastic putty knife or use vinegar and water. JUST A REMINDER though, some natural stone countertops need to be resealed annually.

If you are search for new countertops and have questions, give C & C Stoneworks a call today at 252-902-5535. We are happy to answer questions about options for upgrading your kitchen or bathroom countertops.

Everything You Need to Know About Marble Countertops

Nothing says “classy” like marble countertops. Marble allows your kitchen to have a clean, timeless look. But before you decide to upgrade your kitchen with marble, here’s everything you need to know about marble countertops.

Marble is High-Maintenance.

Can your countertops be high maintenance? Yes, especially if they are marble. Marble is very porous, making it vulnerable to stains (I’m looking at you, red wine). But even oil and juice can damage your marble countertops. The liquid sinks deep into the countertops, making it hard to remove.

But never fear! There is a solution to having your red wine and your marble countertops. Getting your counter sealed every six months to a year (professionally, or you will risk damaging the marble), prevents liquids from damaging your counters.

Marble Scratches Easily.

Every counter gets scratched, but marble is a softer stone. Your marble countertops are far more likely to get scratched than granite counters. This leaves your marble vulnerable to scratches and chips you may not have seen on your granite. To avoid scratches, avoid wearing belts and long necklaces when at your counter, and always cut acidic things on a cutting board. Exposure to acid can also wear down marble’s finish and your sealant.

It Can Be More Cost-Effective – Depending on the Marble.

Did you know that there are different types of marble? If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing kitchen with the crisp white marble holding the dramatic veins throughout it, you are searching for Calacatta marble – a rare and luxurious stone with a hefty price tag. However, if you are looking for a soft gray marble with more subtle veins, you are searching for Carrara marble (appropriately named, as it is from Carrara, Italy), one of the most affordable, natural countertop materials.

Marble is Heat-Resistant but Proceed with Caution.

That’s right! Marble countertops can help you beat the heat in summer by staying cool to the touch. The stone is heat resistant and can help you to stay cool. But that doesn’t mean they can’t get burnt. Though marble can withstand high temperatures, hot pots tend to burn marble (and other stones) and cause discoloration. It is recommended to use a potholder – even if your countertops are heat-resistant.

Cleaning is More Than a Simple Wipe Down.

To properly clean your marble, you need to apply a couple of drops of mild dish soap to a sponge (on the soft side) and scrub vigorously until you have a nice lather. After you scrub, you buff your counters dry using a rag or a rinsed-off sponge. Remember – marble is porous, so you want to make sure that you take the time to do a good job when you clean your marble.

If you are interested in new countertops and are considering marble, contact C and C Stoneworks at (252) 902-5535 today! We are happy to show you options and help you get the countertops of your dreams.

The Most Popular Countertop Types (And Why)

Are you looking to redo your countertops and wondering which stone will be best for you? We are here to help! Here are the most popular countertop types and why they may be good options for your next kitchen remodel.

1. Granite

No surprise here – granite has been a crowd favorite for as long as we can remember. Because granite is formed near the Earth’s crust, where pressure is exceptionally high, and it is an average temperature of 2300℉, granite is known for being a hard countertop with extreme heat resistance. Granite comes in an assortment of colors and styles, making it popular in kitchens and bathrooms.

2. Quartzite

People like quartzite because it looks like marble and comes in some absolutely stunning colors. Not to be confused with quartz, quartzite is also formed when extreme temperatures meet extreme pressure, creating a smooth, glass-like surface. However, quartzite is more resistant to stains, scratches, and chipping than granite.

3. Dolomite

If you’ve never heard of dolomite, that’s okay! This stone is slowly climbing through the ranks of “most popular countertops” due to its marble-like look and durability. Dolomite is not as hard as granite or quartzite, but it is harder than marble. It is formed when limestone meets groundwater with high magnesium levels, causing the limestone to undergo a chemical change. Dolomite comes in shades of gray and white and typically has streaking (similar to marble).

4. Marble

A lot of people consider marble countertops to be the height of luxury. Marble is created when limestone or dolomite is exposed to the extreme pressure of the Earth’s crust. Marble comes in an assortment of colors, meaning there is something out there for everybody! However, marble isn’t as durable as other stones due to its porous nature. It is easier to stain, chip, or scratch if improperly cared for. If you have small children, this may not be the best choice for your home.

5. Engineered Stone – Quartz and Porcelain

While some stones are naturally made, others are designed to be your countertops. Engineered quartz is popular because it is virtually indestructible – including scratches, cracks, and chip resistant. Engineered quartz typically costs about the same as quartzite would cost, and though engineered quartz is more durable, quartzite is more heat resistant. Porcelain is another engineered stone that is available in almost every style, color, and texture you could dream of. Because it is manufactured with extreme heat, porcelain is also highly heat resistant and incredibly durable.

If you have more questions about these stone options stop by the showroom and meet with our Interior Design Consultant or call us at 252-902-5535 to schedule an appointment.

How To Achieve Perfect Countertop Installation

Countertops are a statement; they can tie your whole kitchen together. Whether you are looking at marble, granite or quartz…when it’s time to invest in new countertops, you do not want to compromise your new look with anything less-than-perfect installation. Here are the eight steps to ensure you achieve the perfect countertop installation.

Budget it Out.

Simple, yet often neglected by homeowners. Knowing what you want to spend and how you want to spend it allows you to set realistic expectations and accomplish your desired look with your new countertops.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Countertop installation is a big project, so you will want to work around you and your family’s schedules. Countertop installations are pretty quick, but you would not want to have to cook a huge meal the same day you’re getting your counters redone. Remember that being without a kitchen – even for a short time – can be stressful. Plan ahead to make your installation process as stress-free as possible.

Get to Know Your Space.

It is always fun to change up the layout of your space, but it’s important to know what you’ve got going on in your existing space. This helps you see what you do and don’t want in your new and improved space and can help you determine if you want anything added in. It is also important to note how you and your family interact with that space, plumbing and electrical systems, and traffic patterns.

Measure, Measure, Measure.

You are going to want to get measurements and dimensions of your space before heading off to pick out your new countertops. These measurements should include your current space and your future space. Though they don’t need to be exact, they will help you pick out your materials and get the process started!

Select Your Dream Countertop.

There are so many beautiful materials you can use for your countertops that choices can be overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in picking out counters. Our designer will be happy to show you options in different price points.

Measure, Measure, Measure (Again).

It is finally happening! A trained team member will come to your home to map out the space and get any necessary information to ensure you have a smooth installation.

Prep Your Home.

When it’s time to install your countertops, clear any pathways or entryways to avoid any accidents and ensure a seamless counter installation.

Leave the Rest to Us.

You have nothing left to worry about. Your new countertops will be installed and ready for you to enjoy, entertain with, or just admire in no time.

Countertop installation does not have to be stressful if you are collaborating with the right team. At C & C Stoneworks, there is nothing we want more than to see you happy in your home with beautiful countertops. If you have more questions about countertop installation, want help picking out your new countertops or are ready to have your dream counters installed, call us today at (252) 902-5535.

Will You be Making a Splash with Waterfall Countertops? 

Everybody loves a good waterfall in their kitchen – no, not that kind of waterfall. Waterfall countertops have been described as “stunning” and “jaw-dropping” when compared to traditional countertops, and they are an interior design trend for kitchens. Waterfall countertops on your kitchen island waterfall create a seamless, classy look, but do the pros outweigh the cons on this modern feature?

Before we jump into the comparison, maybe you are not sure that a waterfall countertop is exactly. Unlike their traditional counterparts which are flat and sit on cabinets or an island, a waterfall countertop flows over the sides, creating a clean, coherent piece that stands out in your kitchen. This will make your kitchen island really pop. So, is a waterfall countertop right for you?

A kitchen island with waterfall countertops is visually appealing, helping you to achieve a beautiful aesthetic space. Just like flat countertops their durability and clean-ability is based on the product selected. They are made of the same materials – granite, marble and quartz – so the sides are taken care of just like the tops!

Waterfall counters can provide extra storage and can protect your cabinets from damage since they are more concealed. Waterfall countertops can be designed to create more storage space for you in your kitchen. Since your cabinets are hidden, you will still have an appealing kitchen. And a waterfall countertop still allows you to slide bar stools under the countertop for some additional seating.

Since a waterfall countertop uses more granite, marble or granite, they can be more expensive when compared to a traditional kitchen countertop. However, your kitchen is one of the rooms in your house that really increases the value of your home and a statement piece like a waterfall countertop is sure to increase your kitchen’s value and appeal to potential buyers.

Are you thinking about making a splash with an upgrade to waterfall countertops? Do the pros outweigh the cons? If you have any questions about waterfall countertops compared to traditional countertops, reach out to our design team. They can take a look at your kitchen, make recommendations and get the process started on designing your dream kitchen with the perfect natural stone countertops,

Give us a call today at (252) 902-5535 or stop by our showroom at 6144 NC Highway 43 South in Greenville, North Carolina.

Picking Countertops for Your Remodeled Kitchen

Are you planning a kitchen remodel? It can be hard visualizing what materials will work in your new kitchen. However, at C and C Stoneworks, our Interior Design Consultant, Mandy, is here to help show you products and styles to make your kitchen remodel easier.

For starters, Mandy can familiarize you with kitchen materials, products, and the newest design styles. She can also help you put together the perfect kitchen look for your design style. Mandy helps customers with the entire design process, including tile and countertop selection, paint and cabinetry color selection, and so much more. By working with Mandy from the beginning, you can avoid errors later.

Three Steps to a Well-Coordinated Kitchen

First you need to figure out what your preferred style is. Do you like traditional, contemporary, farmhouse, or something transitional? Is there a color or materials palette that works best for your style and preferences? Our designer and showroom assistant can help you coordinate your kitchen countertops to your cabinets and floors, to ensure your kitchen if the focal point of your home.

First, choose your color palette

C and C Stoneworks recommends you keep your palette fairly simple by first choosing three coordinating neutrals. You should select a primary color along with two complementary accent colors that appeal to you and your style. If you are looking for a kitchen that is timeless, we suggest you choose neutrals to accomplish this. We can show you classic quartz countertops with backsplash, grout and flooring that complete the look. Or some stunning granite or marble countertop options that add a little flair.

Next, pick your kitchen countertop

You should select a material for your kitchen countertop that matches your personal and home life style. When you first choose your countertop, the material you pick can become the foundation of your kitchen design. For example, if you choose a light quartz countertop, you can pair that with classic grey cabinetry and a natural wood floor that “picks up the tones” from the countertop and cabinetry to finalize your design. Or go bold with a marble or granite with veining that grabs your attention and pair with a white or neutral cabinet and backsplash.

Whether your price point is budget, middle of the road or luxury, most countertop materials feature a wide range of flecked, stone, or marble-like patterns. You can even take samples home with you so you can see how the countertops work with your proposed cabinetry, flooring, backsplash and accessories such as hardware.

Finally, finish with kitchen accessories and accents

The last step in planning your kitchen remodel is to select accents and accessories that bring out your personal style. If you want to add some splash to the neutral elements you selected, you can add some bold colors and finishes to the walls or with your kitchen appliances.

Your kitchen hardware will enhance whatever style you choose, whether it be farmhouse, traditional or contemporary. Metallic finishes can brighten your space or highlight the marble, quartz or granite countertops you selected with flecks of metallic, silver or gold. Pulls and knobs can highlight the countertops and reflect light.

Call C and C Stoneworks to get started today!

Are you ready to begin your kitchen remodel? If so, give us a call to schedule a free consultation with our interior design consultant. Simply call Mandy today at 252-902-5535. She can meet with you in our Greenville, NC showroom or set up an in-home consultation. Mandy prides herself on taking the time to understand her client’s goals and works hard to ensure they get the end results they have always dreamed of.

How to Pick the Countertop Edge That is Right for You

You decided to get new kitchen countertops and you had to make a lot of decisions. First, do you want granite, marble or quartz? Then you had to pick the design. Do you like veining or something less dramatic. Do you need a design that is warm or cool? But you didn’t realize that one of the other decisions you would have to make was regarding the countertop edge style.

You may not think that this is as a big a detail as the other choices, but it can have a pretty significant impact on the overall design style of your kitchen. The edging on countertops can make your kitchen design feel dated, modern or somewhere in between – we call it “transitional“.

What are the options available to me?

There are so many edge styles to choose from, that we decided we would make it easier for you by putting them in a chart. We are going to break these down by standard edges, premium edges and custom edges and give you some information about these popular edge styles.


Straight Edge:

Straight edges are perfect if you are searching for a clean design. This edge style is slightly rounded on the corners which protects the stone.

Beveled Edge:

A beveled edge is one of the most popular edge styles, probably because it offers a sleek, angled look.

Quarter Round Edge:

Homeowners pick this edge style for its simplicity and elegance without intruding into the overall design of their kitchen.

Waterfall Edge:

Waterfall edges are great when you want to make your countertops the focal point of the kitchen and highlighting the beauty of the stone you choose. This edge style should not be confused with a waterfall countertop which is a trendy style when the countertop continues down the side of an island or cabinetry.

Ogee Edge:

The Ogee edge offers an elegant, yet classic look that pairs well with a kitchen that is traditional in style.


How do I know what edging is right for me?

Start with the style of your kitchen.

When you are choosing other elements for your new or remodeled kitchen pay attention. When you pick cabinet doors, light fixtures, appliances, backsplash tile and flooring, you could see a pattern developing. Are you choosing materials with curved lines or are you sticking with clean lines and sleek styles? Wherever your style is going for those elements that will help you decide on countertop edge style.

Do you need something family friendly?

If you have young children or grandchildren that are running around your house, you may want to consider an edge that is more rounded. Smooth, clean lines look absolutely amazing, but they are not great for kids. Rounded edges are safer than straight edges.

What is your budget?

Obviously, custom edges are more intricate, and prices are higher on those edge styles. o up. Simple, standard edge styles will be less expensive and more budget friendly than premium or custom edge options because less work is involved. Premium and custom edges are sure to give your kitchen a statement-making countertop, but you may find that the standard edge styles will give you the tasteful looks and style that fits any kitchen at a budget-friendly cost.

Are you ready to move forward with your kitchen transformation?

C&C Stoneworks is ready to help you! We specialize in natural and engineered stone fabrication and installation across all of eastern North Carolina. Our team can help you pick the perfect countertop and edging for your kitchen’s style. Give us a call today, 202-902-5535.


Countertop Updates Increase Home Values

If one of the items on your New Year’s resolution list was to flip a property, sell your house or update your kitchen or bathroom, you should consider investing in new countertops for your kitchen or bathroom.

Investing in new countertops is sure to increase the value of your home, giving you a better return on your investment. New countertops can increase the quality of your living space as well as the value of your home.

Kitchen countertops play a big role in how homeowners interact with their kitchen. If your kitchen countertops are not up to par and outdated, you may not be spending time in the room that should be one of the most welcoming rooms in your home – the kitchen.

If you don’t enjoy your kitchen like you used to, you should consider investing in new countertops from C & C Stoneworks in Greenville, NC.

We would like to offer you some countertop suggestions before you get started:

Granite countertops are sure to increase the value of your house

Are you planning to put your house on the market this year? Sometime in the near future? If so, the beauty of granite countertops along with their value will definitely appeal to potential home buyers. Granite countertops in a kitchen or bathroom add a touch of elegance to any home.

Granite countertops are not only beautiful, but when they are used as upgrades in renovation or flip projects, they also guarantee durability. The long-term durability of the granite countertops makes them appealing to both the current homeowner and future home buyer.

Consider quartz countertops when upgrading your home

You can certainly find inexpensive engineered countertops such as solid surfaces and laminate, but you should remember that quality and durability are something home buyers want in homes. Quality quartz countertops are available at C & C Stoneworks. You get the look of natural stone countertops with maximum durability when you invest in quartz countertops. And, just like granite countertops, quartz countertops will last a lifetime.

One of the biggest benefits of quartz countertops is that they are non-porous, making them easy to keep clean. If you want clean, germ-free countertops, all you need is soap, water and a sponge when cleaning quartz. Home buyers are sure to love the durability and ease of cleaning. Plus, no special sealers are required for quartz countertops.

Marble countertops are a solid investment

There are plenty of manufactured materials that look like marble, but they will never impersonate the real thing. Marble is formed from limestone and sedimentary rocks through the earth’s natural heating process.

The veining you find in marble countertops are the impurities trapped within the rock. As the Earth heats, pressure turns the rocks into marble. This process takes time, but it also makes each piece of marble one-of-a-kind. No two are ever alike, which is something home owners and home buyers find very appealing.

C & C Stoneworks in Greenville, NC  offers a wide selection of quartz, granite and marble countertops. Our experienced craftsman offer excellent attention to detail, personalized service and exceptional installation services. Call or text us today at 252-902-5535 to set-up a free in-home consultation for your next  countertop project.

Purchasing the Right Quartz Countertops

Before you begin looking for quartz countertops, you should have some idea of what you need for your new or remodeled kitchen or bathroom. You will want to consider how long you plan to be in the house, and you will want an idea of what your cabinets and fixtures will be so everything can match.

Your kitchen is the center of your home. You not only cook there, but it is also where you gather and entertain, so you will want to be sure your quartz countertops reflect this. Your new quartz countertops need to compliment your style, needs and the current living space. You need to be well-informed when you start your search.

Things you should know when buying quartz countertops:

Function should always come first.

Every house is different and so are quartz countertops. There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to natural stone countertops. Quartz is available in assorted colors and styles, and some are made with kitchens in mind and others are for bathrooms. Our first tip before buying quartz countertops is to rank the features by your order of importance – such as durability, stain resistance, easy maintenance and cost before you make your quartz countertops purchase.

The style of your quartz countertops.

Make sure you shop around and look at a variety of options before you decide. Be sure you like the texture, look, feel and colors that are available. Do you need your countertop to be warm or cool to the touch? Do you want seamless appearance? What about a bright color? These are just a couple of other details you should consider along with the thickness, edge profile and overhangs when searching for the right quartz countertop. And the result should leave you amazed!

Should you mix several types of quartz countertops?

From ease of maintenance to scratch and heat resistance, every style of quartz has its own unique characteristics. Because of this, how do you choose which one to pick? Can you use more than one? The answer from many kitchen and bath designers is to mix it up. Mixing several types of quartz countertops could produce an amazing, completed space.

How do you set your budget?

This is a harder decision than what to pick! You need to know where you are starting before you start picking options. You need to remember to include things like delivery and installation costs, and specialty treatments such as the edges, backsplash and your sink, when putting together your budget.

Take home the largest sample possible, or see it in another kitchen, before purchasing

Quartz countertops come in many variations, from the patterns and colors to tonal qualities called vein movement. Some types of quartz have uniform speckled patterns and others have more veining or swirls, which are meant to mimic other natural stones such as marble.

Unlike granite, you can get multiple slabs of quartz in the same color, pattern and veining. If you can bring home a large sample from the showroom, you may be better able to envision it installed in your kitchen or bath.

For more tips on choosing not only quartz countertops, but also granite, marble and dolomite countertops, visit C and C Stoneworks’ showroom on Hwy 43 South in Greenville, NC today. Our interior design consultant will guide you through the process, from helping you choose your stone to the final installation. Give our team a call today, 252-902-5535.