Can I Use Quartz for Bathroom Countertops?

Quartz countertops are durable and beautiful. We get asked a lot, “Can I use quartz in my bathroom?”. The answer is – YES! Quartz is highly recommended for both kitchen and bathroom countertops. Being an engineered stone, quartz combines both the uniqueness of natural stone countertops with a lot of added benefits of modern technology!

The technology we are talking about here includes, resin binders and additional colors not seen in natural stone that give quartz an upper hand. In a way, quartz gives us the best of both worlds, natural and engineered stone countertops.

If you choose to use quartz in your bathroom, you need to think about your style preferences, budget and the quantity of material you will need for your bathroom remodel. Depending on the bathroom countertop results you are looking for, our fabricators will take you through various levels and brands of quartz to choose from. As expected, high quality quartz will be different from results delivered by standard quality quartz. We will work with you to choose the best your budget can buy!

Here are a few reason quartz is a great option for you bathroom countertops.

Since they are man-made, quartz countertops are engineered to be durable – even more durable than natural stone and other surfacing options. They are also heat-resistant, making them great for people who like to sit styling tools on their bathroom countertops. We still recommend a silicon mat under curling irons and straighteners though!

Stain Resistance
Quartz countertops are stain resistant. They are a nonporous material, meaning that they are solid all the way though.

If you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom with beautiful quartz countertops, give C and C Stoneworks a call today!

Create a Beautiful Bathroom with Natural Stone

Showers are about getting clean, right? So, it fits perfectly that shower designs are getting more clean-lined too! We’re seeing bigger stone slabs in the shower, with fewer grout lines, and smaller shower drains to complete the sleek look. We are also seeing light stone tiles being used to make a space feel bigger and more elegant.



If you’re ready for a shower update, here are a few tips from us at C and C Stoneworks!Picking a Natural Stone

As far as what kind of stone to use in a bathroom – it is pretty simple. Any natural stone, when properly installed, cared for and sealed, will hold up great in your bathroom. Whether it’s marble or granite, nothing looks as beautiful as real stone in a bathroom.

  • 1. Marble
    Marble is a limestone, but limestone is not a marble. The beauty and elegance of marble has been used in bathrooms for many, many years. Marble can be used to create stunning shower surrounds, floors, walls and backsplashes. Just remember, that marble is susceptible to etching from acidic cleaners, so make sure to use extra care if marble is your choice of stone.
  • 2. Granite
    As we’ve mentioned many times before, granite is one of the hardest stones known to man. This makes granite a perfect choice for a vanity top. Because every slab is made by nature and completely unique, you can create a bathroom look all your own. Spills wipe easy, and granite is hard to stain.

Sealing and Polishing
When it comes to sealing these stones keep in mind that bathrooms are wet places. This makes it prudent to keep your natural stone and any grout lines sealed with a sealer to keep the appearance you fell in love with in the first place, and to prevent mildew. However, it is also important to note that a highly polished marble or granite will usually not absorb sealer, so that step could be a waste of time and money. The more polished a stone, the better it repels water. Whereas, honed and other stone finishes may not dry as quickly. The professionals at C and C Stoneworks can advise you on the best way to care for the stone in your bathroom.

Grout and Caulk
Lock out water by ensuring that grout and caulk are properly maintained. You should inspect it regularly and get any repairs made promptly to prevent water from getting behind the stone or stone tiles in your shower. We also recommend using a grout and caulk with built-in mildewcide to stop the growth before it even starts.

Drainage and Ventilation
When completing your bathroom design or remodel, make sure that your plan includes a system that will reduce moisture. Excellent drainage is a must to preserve the natural stone you choose. Draining on the shower floor is especially imperative. Keep in mind too, that ventilation also helps to keep a bathroom dry. Fans and central air vents are great at helping prevent mold and mildew from growing.

The professionals at C and C Stoneworks in Greenville, NC are ready to help you create your perfect bathroom. We’re here to guide you through the entire process and pick the perfect stone for your space! Give us a call today!

Cleaning Tips for a Germ-Free Kitchen

With everything going on in the world right now, sanitation and cleaning are at the top of everyone’s mind. Not to mention, it’s also spring, which means a lot of folks are getting into the spring-cleaning mood! So, here are a few kitchen cleaning tips that will help keep your family healthy, your home germ-free, and bring that sparkle and shine back to your kitchen!

1. Cleanse and Clear Your Countertops
Start by decluttering your kitchen countertops. Put away any small appliances, kitchen utensils and décor. You can put those back later, but you will get a much more effective clean if these items aren’t in the way when you wipe down your countertops. After removing everything, give your countertops and backsplash a deep clean using a soft microfiber cloth, mild liquid soap and warm water. If soap scum is an issue in your kitchen, be sure to use a non-acidic soap scum remover. For more difficult stains, use a non-abrasive soft bristled brush and scrub lightly. Be sure to towel dry in order to prevent spotting and prevent the countertop from absorbing any of the leftover liquids.
Tip! If you’re looking for a way to make sure that your stone countertops always look beautiful and are well maintained, check out our stone sealer available for purchase on our website! This sealer can be used on any stone surface. It penetrates deep in the stone to provide a great seal and food-safe barrier from spills and spotting!

2. Make Your Appliances Shine
After you’ve cleaned your countertops, you don’t want to ruin all of your hard work by placing dirty appliance back on them. Give small appliances a good wipe down to remove any leftover food or dust that has accumulated over time. Make sure to clean your larger appliances too, like the stove, oven and refrigerator. If you have enough time, consider scrubbing your burners and cleaning out refrigerator drawers.

3. Floors and Final Touches
​Finally, make sure to vacuum and mop your kitchen floors to complete your kitchen cleaning! Also, here are few more small areas in your kitchen you may want to clean too.

  • Wipe down bar stools, tables and chairs.
  • Dust light fixtures.
  • Wipe down cabinets, doors and switch plates.
  • Clean trash cans and recycling bins.

If you have any questions about the best way to clean your stone kitchen countertops, contact us at C and C Stoneworks! Or, if deep cleaning your kitchen has made you wish for an update, we can make your dreams come true! Give us a call today.

Is it Time to Replace Your Countertops?

No matter what countertop surface you currently have in your home, there may come a time when you need to replace them. Recognizing these three signs can help you determine if your countertops are ready for a replacement.

1. Erosion
Countertop erosion is common with low-end countertop materials. However, some high-end surfaces can also wear out if you’ve had them for a very long time, or if they haven’t been taken care of. If your countertops have eroded to the point of being able to see the materials beneath them, you are in need of a replacement. Although, we recommend you don’t let them get to this level.You can’t repair eroded materials, so replacement is the only option. Opt for an upgrade in material installed by a trusted professional. This will ensure that you have beautiful countertops for many years to come!

2. Cracks
Cracks are common in certain countertop materials, like wood. Cracks are caused by constant pressure, or sharp and abrasive objects coming into contact with the countertop. Not only do cracks make your countertops unappealing, they can also trap bacteria!It is possible to repair cracks. You should have a trained professional take a look at them to determine if this is a possibility. If your countertops are full of large cracks, your best option will be to replace them!

3. Outdated
Nothing can make a kitchen or bathroom look drab more than outdated countertops. Let’s be honest, your kitchen is the heart of your home. So, why not show it a little love. If your countertops are stuck in the past, it’s time to replace them! You can choose something timeless, like a neutral granite stone with beautiful veining. This will keep your countertops in style for as long as you keep them! Or maybe your style has changed, this is a great reason to replace your countertops too!

Not to mention, if you are planning on selling your home in the future, countertops are a HUGE selling point to potential buyers! Make sure you get the most value out of your home by replacing your countertops!

So, have you decided it’s time to replace your kitchen or bathroom countertops? Contact C and C Stoneworks in Greenville, NC! You can visit our stone yard full of all different materials and colors. Find the countertop that is perfect for you and your home! Then our experienced fabricator and installers will work to give you the countertops of your dreams.


Choosing the Right Countertop Stone for Your Bathroom

As we all know, new bathroom countertops are beautiful, update the room and add value to your home. But when choosing the right countertop material for your bathroom, there a few things to consider. After all, this countertop will endure a lot – from humidity and moisture, to the normal, everyday wear of your routine. That is why it is important to choose a material that can withstand these conditions and will look great for a long time.


If you are remodeling your bathroom, you have a plethora of countertop options to choose from. Here are our top recommendations for bathroom countertops that will, not only add a touch of elegance to your home, but will give you a great return on your investment.

Quartz is a high-quality material made up of 95% natural stone mixed with resins, polymers and binders. It is completely nonporous, making it resistant to water and stains – perfect for a bathroom! Quartz can handle humidity, preventing the growth of mold or bacteria on your countertop surface. It is also low maintenance, easy to clean and does not require a top sealant.

Granite is the number one material for countertops. And it for good reason. Granite has a hardness index close to a diamond! Granite, like quartz, is stain and water resistant. It is important to apply a sealant to your granite countertop, to ensure that it stays nonporous and resistant to moisture and stains.

Marble is elegant and incredibly durable. This natural stone comes in an endless variety of colors and patterns. Marble is a softer stone than granite and it is porous. To make sure that it holds up in a bathroom and stays looking great, it needs to be sealed every year or two.

With a stone yard fully stocked with the most beautiful and exotic countertop stone options, C and C Stoneworks is your go-to for any bathroom remodel. We will help you find just the right option for you and your home’s décor and create and install your new countertop with precision. Contact us or visit our location today. Your new bathroom masterpiece awaits!

Why Granite Countertop Should Start with the Slab

As we all know, granite has been one of the most popular countertop materials for many years now – and for good reason! Granite countertops are beautiful, easy to maintain, durable and can last forever with proper care and maintenance. Considering your granite countertops are going to be with you for quite a while and are usually the main focal point of any space, wouldn’t you want to be able to select the exact countertop stone that will be installed? At C and C Stoneworks in Greenville, NC, we always suggest going directly to the slab when deciding on your perfect countertop – here’s a few reasons why!

You Get to See the Big Picture

Tiny samples of granite can be a great starting point to narrow down your preferences, but you need to choose from full slabs when you make your final decision. When you choose the actual slab, you can see what the overall color and pattern looks like – because granite is made by nature and no two slabs are alike. Many times, a slab of granite will have secondary and tertiary colors that are not obvious until you see the whole piece. Will the beautiful swirls and veining in a particular slab of granite match your décor plan? Seeing the “big picture” will help you with your design choices too!

You Will Learn Not All Stones Are Equal

Even if you get the same type of granite as a sample you saw, remember not all stones are created equally. What we are getting at is that just because you loved the 12” x 12” sample you saw at the big box dealer, doesn’t mean the countertop as a whole will be what you imagined. Much of the appeal of granite to many people are the “beauty marks” made by nature. However, there are some granite stones with unflattering patterns and/or flaws. If you only see a small sample, how do you know what the rest of it will look like?

You Can See Many Options

Another advantage of going directly to the slab when choosing new countertops, is that by going to a stone yard you will be able to see many, many options. Once you decide on the perfect color and pattern for you, you will be able to inspect the individual slab. Like any other natural stone, granite is rarely consistent in design and you must be sure you like any changes in color or patina across the slab.

​Once you’ve picked your perfect slab, C and C Stoneworks’ professional fabricators will convert it into your dream countertop. We guarantee maximum utilization of the slab and hide seams for a cohesive look across your countertop surface. Contact us today to visit our stone yard. Your perfect slab is waiting for you!


Slab of Sienna Beige at C and C Stoneworks Stone Yard

Increasing the Value of Your Home with New Countertops

Homeowners or realtors who want to make a house more appealing to potential buyers know the impact new countertops can have on resale value. Often, beautiful countertops are at the top of buyers’ “must-have list.” In fact, sale listings with the keywords “granite countertops” sell for about 4% above the expected value, and almost 40 days sooner than the competition.

Where to Spend Money on New Countertops
We’ve all heard the saying, “The kitchen is the heart of the home.” Families spend a lot of time here! It’s where meals are shared, homework is done, birthdays are celebrated, guests are entertained, and more. So, it is no surprise that potential buyers pay special attention to the kitchen when thinking about purchasing a new home.

Another area of your home to think about upgrading countertops is the bathroom. If your bathroom countertops are in poor condition, consider replacing them. New bathroom countertops can prevent a negative effect on your home selling. You may not get quite the same bang for your buck that you do with new kitchen countertops, but with upgraded bathrooms too your home will sell faster

What Type of Countertops to Select
The best countertops for resale value are attractive but versatile. At C and C Stoneworks, we recommend granite. This durable, functional and classic material is the most sought after countertop stone among those looking for a new home. Granite is great for the kitchen and the bathroom. Choose a granite in a neutral color – this is not the time to go with a trendy choice. Pick something mainstream. From an investment standpoint, white kitchens are always a hit. Our experts can work with you to suggest countertop colors and styles that have a more timeless look.

​When to Upgrade Countertops
What if you are planning to put your home on the market in the next few years? Does it make financial sense to replace your old countertops now? Most of the time, the answer is “yes”. Extremely strong and hard, granite can retain its gorgeous look and feel for many years, even after heavy use. When properly sealed, it is highly resistant to scratches and stains. So, it’s a win-win! You can enjoy your new countertops until you decide to sell your home and still have an increased resale value.

Gorgeous kitchens and bathrooms set the tone for a home, and are two of the savviest remodels to get the best return on your investment. At C and C Stoneworks in Greenville, NC we can help homeowners and realtors choose countertops that are not only beautiful, but can stand up to the wear and tear of a busy home. Are you ready to increase the value of your home? Contact us today to learn more!

What to Expect When Getting New Countertops

Are you in the market for new countertops? At C and C Stoneworks in Greenville, NC, we work with many different customers on many different types of projects. However, one thing that all customers should remember is: new countertops do not happen quickly. We take the time to make sure that each countertop is fabricated to the highest quality. Our attention to detail sets us apart from our competitors. Fabricating and installing countertops is an involved process. Depending on how busy we are when you decide to take on this exciting project, it could be up to 18 weeks from the time you have selected your slabs, signed the contract and made the deposit. Once you have signed the contract, you will be added to the schedule and we will install countertops in the order the contract was submitted. That is why you will want to get started on the process way BEFORE you are actually ready for the install. Quality fabricators are always BUSY (that is a good sign), but it means you have to be patient and trust your fabricator to get to you as fast as possible. The average wait is anywhere from 12 – 18 weeks.

Here are a few different scenarios that might occur depending on your situation, and a few tips to help you in the process:

  1. NEW CONSTRUCTION: If you are in the process of new construction, then you will want to begin looking at countertop slab options during the early stages of construction. It will be very helpful to have a layout of the kitchen/bathrooms, along with rough measurements. The layout will allow the experts at C and C Stoneworks to estimate how many slabs you will need to provide an accurate cost, based on what you select. You will want to keep us updated on where you are in the building process so your slabs will be ready for install when your contractor says it is time.
  2. REMODELING WITH NEW CABINETS: If you are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom and putting in new cabinetry, then you will want to begin looking at slabs immediately. A layout of the countertop area with measurements will allow us to estimate how many slabs you will need along with a cost based on the material you select. Because the process of getting countertops can be lengthy, you will need to get on the schedule as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will have cabinets being installed and no countertops to put on them. Planning ahead is critical to reduce the stress of remodeling.
  3. REMODELING WITH EXISTING CABINETS: If you are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, but are keeping your existing cabinets, you will want to begin looking at slabs as soon as you start thinking about the remodeling process. Providing a layout of the countertop area, with measurements, will allow the fabricators at C and C Stoneworks to estimate how many slabs you will need to provide an accurate cost, based on what you select. You should not remove your old countertops until it is time to install the new ones. The old countertops will be removed by the professionals at C and C Stoneworks on the day of installation.

Your Steps:

  • Make the decision to get new countertops
  • Reach out to C and C Stoneworks in Greenville, NC
  • Provide layout of countertop area with rough measurements
  • Select slabs (this can take days or weeks)
  • Get estimate
  • Select sink
  • Sign contract/pay deposit
  • Purchase faucets

Fabricator’s (C and C Stoneworks’) Steps:

  • Show customer slabs
  • Prepare estimate based on layout and slabs selected
  • Finalize contract
  • Put customer on schedule (12–18 weeks on average)
  • Prepare template at customer’s home (done couple of weeks before install)
  • Begin cutting stone (could take a couple of days)
  • Polishing of stone (could take a couple of days)
  • Schedule install date (will give customer a couple of days’ notice)
  • Haul slabs to install
  • Remove old countertops (unless it is new construction)
  • Install countertops
  • Install new sinks
  • Cut holes for faucets
  • Secure basic plumbing
  • Clean up from installation

​Waiting is the difficult part; however, planning ahead can expedite the process. At C and C Stoneworks in Greenville, NC, we take the time to do things the right way. The difference between good countertops and great countertops is all in the details. If you’re thinking about new countertops, contact C and C Stoneworks today to get started on the process as soon possible! Not only will we install your countertops, we will also install sinks and faucets to help complete the remodel process.