A Crash Course on Dolomite

If you are considering a kitchen or bathroom renovation, and you are considering replacing your kitchen or bathroom countertops, you may want to consider Dolomite. Though it is lesser known than stones like marble, granite or quartz, Dolomite is the perfect choice if you want to get the marble look without the marble price tag.

What is Dolomite?

Dolomite is formed when limestone and lime mud come into contact with magnesium-rich groundwater, which forms the sedimentary rock we call dolomite or dolostone. If you didn’t know any better, you might think dolomite is marble or quartzite. Dolomite is not as soft and fragile as marble but is not as hard and resistant as quartzite.

Characteristics of Dolomite:

Hardness: as we said above, dolomite is not as soft as marble or as hard as granite. This means that it’s harder to scratch than marble but easier to scratch than granite or quartz. With dolomite counters, a cutting board is a must.

Durability: believe it or not, if properly taken care of, dolomite can last for decades. This is much longer than marble. And though it is easier to chip or crack your dolomite counters than your granite counters, it’s still highly unlikely. Dolomite is very resistant to wear and tear.

Stain Resistance: dolomite is less absorbent and sensitive than marble, but it still requires annual sealing. If exposed to acids, dolomite will etch.

Heat Resistance: if you are looking for heat-resistant countertops, dolomite is the choice for you. Dolomite counters hold heat better than quartz, meaning you can set your hot pots and pans directly on them with no problems.

Appearance: one of the main reasons dolomite counters are so popular is the way they look like marble. Dolomite appears sophisticated and makes for a beautiful backsplash or countertops.

Marble is more impressive in looks but is more fragile. Quarts is less maintenance and has great durability but cannot hold any heat. Dolomite looks beautiful, is more affordable, but still needs maintenance. If you think that Dolomite counters are the right choice for you and your home or have additional questions, call C&C Stoneworks at 252-902-5535 today. We can help you pick the perfect counters for your home. Give us a call to schedule a consultation or visit our showroom at 6614 NC Hwy 43S in Greenville, North Carolina.