Reasons Granite is Perfect for Your Outdoor Kitchen

One of the benefits of North Carolina’s weather is that you can use your outdoor kitchen just about all year long. If you are lucky enough to have the space and budget for an outdoor kitchen, then you know what a great investment one can be for your property.

An outdoor kitchen is the perfect place to gather for a family cookout, or for a Labor Day party with friends. Whether you install a simple kitchen, an extravagant island, or extensive multi-functional kitchen, you need to make sure you implement durable yet beautiful materials in your design. And just because this kitchen is outdoors does not mean the countertops should be overlooked.

When it comes to your outdoor kitchen, there are a few stone options that would work, however granite is considered the most ideal. Here are the reasons why you should pick granite countertops for your outdoor kitchen.

Granite is Durable.

Granite can withstand the extreme elements of nature, from rain, snow and sleet to heat. In addition to being durable, granite is also heat resistant, which means the exposure to a hot NC summer day will not be an issue. In fact, when the sun shines on your granite countertops, the depth and beauty of the granite is revealed.

Granite is also well suited for an outdoor kitchen because you can build your countertop around pizza ovens and stoves. And, when properly and regularly sealed, granite repels rainwater, another plus for an outdoor kitchen!

Granite also has non-scratch qualities. This is important because your outdoor countertops will surely receive their fair share of wear and tear. So, selecting something that can withstand heavy use without getting scratched or damaged is very important.

Easily Maintained.

Granite is very easy to clean and maintain. This means that you won’t have to do much more than wiping it down with a little soap and water to keep it looking great. Granite is not a host for harmful bacteria. It is considered a sanitary material which is a plus when you are prepping food on it. Just be sure to use a non-absorbent detergent to remove spills or dirt. And, as far as regular upkeep is concerned, you only need to seal it once a year and it will be protected from spills and the weather.

Versatile and Beautiful.

Granite comes in a wide variety of patterns and styles, so it’s simple to select something that will suit your overall style. Granite is a unique material that offers different specks and patterns that can be different in every slab. This means your slab will not look like your neighbors!

Although we recommend the darker patterns, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the individual style and design of your granite. Plus, granite can be formed into any size or shape. So granite can work with your outdoor kitchen layout.

Eco-friendly and Added Value.

Since granite is a natural stone, it is 100% eco-friendly. So, for anyone who wants to do their part, granite is the perfect countertop material for outdoor use. Finally, an outdoor kitchen makes a beautiful addition to your home, and by using granite for your outside kitchen countertops, you will enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting, elegant material that will add value to your home.

When you are ready to add an outdoor kitchen, contact the experts at C & C Stoneworks. We know granite countertops and can help you find the perfect slab for your outdoor kitchen. We can also make recommendations based on your kitchen structure, climate, shade availability, and the aesthetic you want to achieve with your outdoor kitchen. Get ready to have your dream outdoor kitchen, call C & C Stoneworks today at (252) 902-5535.