Polished vs. Leathered Granite Countertops

When considering which countertops you should pick for your dream kitchen, there is more that goes into it than just the stone, cut, and color – there is the finish. The finish you choose for your countertops can completely change the overall aesthetic of your space. We are here to answer your questions about the differences between polished and leathered granite finishes, so you will have all the facts before selecting which finish best fits your home and style.

Characteristics of Polished Granite Countertops:

A Unique Shine

The polished finish is the finish that most people are familiar with when it comes to granite countertops. The stone is polished by course polishing pads. The process may be tedious, but the result is pure elegance. A polished finish makes the granite very glossy, almost mirror-like. A polished finish accentuates the natural stone’s unique textures and hues, and because this finish is reflective, it can make your kitchen appear brighter.

Strong & Resistant

One of advantages of polished granite is its resistance to stains. The natural pores in the granite are sealed during the finishing process. This makes the stone moisture resistant and more hygienic.

Accentuates Flaws & Smudges

Polished granite is popular with interior designers because it feels luxurious, modern, and classy. Between the unique shine and the ease of cleaning that polished granite offers, it is easy to see why. However, that being said, because the surface is so glossy, flaws in the stone, fingerprints, and even water spots tend to stand out more. The surface can also corrode under acidic cleaners.

Characteristics of Leathered Granite Counterparts:

It Does not Reflect Light

Leathered granite means that the stone is matte. Stonemasons, the people who polish and finish stones, polish the granite until it looks matte – causing the stone to look natural and rustic. A much different aesthetic than polished granite.

Warmer & Stain Resistant

It sounds a little strange, but it is true. Leathered granite makes your home feel warmer. This type of counter is popular for rustic style homes and outdoor spaces. It is stain-resistant and hides fingerprints and water spots, unlike the polished finish. Although this finish may not appear luxurious, it can be a striking addition in a contemporary home.

Accentuates Small Spaces

Because leathered granite is non-reflective, smaller spaces can actually feel smaller. This is one of the downsides of using this finish in a small kitchen. The other downside is that cleaning could be a little more difficult than polished finishes due to reliefs in the stone.

Either Way – It is Granite

Each of these popular granite finishes has their pros and cons. A renovation for a forever home may warrant a different choice than a much-needed modern update for a quick flip.

But in the end, granite is still a high-performance natural stone no matter what finish you choose. Pick the one that best suits you, but either way you will have similar durability, versatility, and it will be stunning.

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