When is it Time to Replace Your Counters?

How do you know when it’s time to replace your kitchen countertops? Some of the telltale signs are easy to recognize where others may be harder.  However, when the time comes, you should consider the needs of you and your family, as well as being aware of the look and feel you want in your home.

Below we’ve highlighted some of the reasons your kitchen could need updated kitchen countertops.

1. You are considering selling your home and an upgraded kitchen will increase your home’s value.

New countertops can elevate the look of a home and have a direct impact on a home’s value. Selling a home with new counters could allow you to ask for a higher price, but it could also ensure the home sells faster. Even a light kitchen upgrade could increase your home’s value, such as replacing the kitchen countertop but keeping the existing cabinets.

2. You need to accommodate a change in your family or lifestyle.

For many, a life change could require updates in your home. One example could be having children and you need more space for food preparation. Even a small renovation, such as updating or expanding kitchen countertops can provide a family with the additional room they need. Aside from a growing family, you may decide you are ready to do more entertaining in your home, and that could mean you will be spending more time in your kitchen cooking for family and friends.

3. Your kitchen countertops are cracked, eroded, or stained.

Countertops that have been properly cared for can last for decades. However, even kitchen countertops that are properly cared for will show signs of normal wear and tear. Some additional signs that your countertops are worn-out are discoloration, burns, and battered edges. Once your countertops are showing signs of their age, even when you are doing your best to maintain them, it may be time to replace your kitchen countertops.

4. Your countertops have structural or smoke damage.

Almost 50% of all house fires start in the kitchen due to faulty cooking appliances. If you’ve had a fire in your kitchen and your countertops are damaged, you should consider replacing your countertops. Even the smallest fire can cause smoke or structural damage to countertops. Fortunately, most homeowner’s insurance plans will cover the cost to replace your damaged kitchen countertops.

5. Your countertops are outdated.

Styles come and go, and even the best maintained countertops lose their luster and appeal. What was popular in the last decade becomes old, outdated and even tacky compared to the newest modern homes. If this is the case, it’s time to update your kitchen countertops. And when you’re getting ready to make the change, we suggest selecting a stone countertop that is more likely to stand against the test of time, stone such as granite and marble are classic and timeless options.

If you’re going to renovate your kitchen, you should first start by deciding on a budget. It may be that you can just update your countertops to give your kitchen a new, modern look.

If you are updating your kitchen before selling your home, we suggest sticking with a neutral color palette and timeless patterns and colors. Granite and marble are timeless options worth considering.

If you’re ready to update your kitchen countertops, C & C Stoneworks would like to help you select and update your countertops. We’ll take your lifestyle, family needs, and personal preference into consideration and help you select the best options for you and your home. Come visit our showroom at 6144 NC Hwy 43 S Greenville, NC, or give us a call at 252-902-5535 for a consultation today!