Customizing Your Stone Countertops

All stone countertops, such as granite, quartz and marble, can be tailored to a customer’s specifications. Some may choose to keep it simple, while other homeowners may choose to make a bolder statement by choosing creative edges, a nontraditional finish or multiple levels for seating and food preparation. When the experts at C and C Stoneworks customize granite countertops, it is a skillful process.

Our team has years of experience and uses high-tech tools that take the simple granite slab you selected into a finely cut marvel ready for installation in your kitchen. The customization of granite countertops is done carefully and accurately to ensure that each countertop is unique to the customer’s kitchen design.

At C and C Stoneworks our goal is to ensure every countertop we create, and install, has the exact design and look the customer has been dreaming about, and this is how we get there!

1. Talking and Planning Your Kitchen Design

First,  our design specialist has a thorough conversation with the client. Then we will view the kitchen layout and discuss the client’s ideas for not only the countertop, but the sink, island, backsplash, and any special sections for prepping food or additional seating. Your entire project relies on this first step to make sure the final product matches what our customers are envisioning.

2. Creating a Digital Template for the Countertops

Next, we will measure your kitchen and surface areas. Gone are the old ways of measuring, today we use digital technology to create a perfect digital version of kitchen countertops. This ensures every measurement is exact and allows us to see and alter the design before cutting the granite countertops – making mistakes unlikely.

3. Fabricating and Customization of the Granite

The first part of customizing is the cutting. Most countertop fabricators use a digital saw and laser where the digital plan instructs the cutting, and it is exact. This advanced technology and equipment makes precise cuts and edge designs, ensuring each piece of granite is a perfect fit. This technology is also great for complicated designs, such as multi-tiered areas and curved islands, and detailed cuts around sinks.

4. Shape and Shine the Edges

Then the personalization takes place. This is where the granite is shaped to meet your preferences. After cutting the basic shape, the edges are created. C and C Stoneworks uses machines for this, ensuring that the edges are precise. And, then the polish step makes the smooth surface shine, allowing the beauty of the granite to shine through.

5. Quality Check and Finishing Details

Every piece of granite is checked to ensure that it meets our high standards. Any final additions, such as sealing to protect from stains and spills, are added now. This keeps the granite looking great and lasting a long time.

6. Installation

The last step is the installation of the countertops. Our team of experienced professionals make sure everything fits just right. Each piece of granite is secure, paying close attention to the seams and the fit around the sink, appliances and backsplash. The end product is a seamless and striking kitchen our customers are sure to enjoy for years to come.

The Professionals

Custom-cut granite countertops need the touch of professionals. Custom countertops combine skill and precision with the use of modern technology. And the end result is a kitchen countertop that is not only useful, but a work of art that adds to your kitchen’s beauty and value.

Your Local Granite Countertop Team

C and C Stoneworks is the countertop fabricator you need for your kitchen countertop remodel. We have years of experience in fabricating and customizing granite, quartz and marble countertops that are seamlessly installed and enjoyed by homeowners throughout eastern North Carolina including Greenville, New Bern, Goldsboro, Morehead City and Washington. Stop by our Greenville showroom and let our design specialist help you explore our options. The kitchen you have been dreaming about is ready to take shape with our help!