The Finish You Choose for Your Granite Countertops Matters

Most people don’t know that they can pick a finish for their granite countertop. It is probably because they’ve never thought about it, but your countertop’s look can change significantly based on the finish that is chosen. Even changing the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

Each finish has its own appeal, so choosing a countertop finish really matters. The finish affects not only how your completed kitchen looks, but how functional it is and how long it will last. One of the many reasons granite countertops are loved is because they look great, but they are also durable and strong, and can last decades.

Granite is also beautiful because it comes from nature. The finish you select for your countertops can enhance its natural beauty. Each finish looks and feels a little different, requires various levels of care and lasts different amounts of time.

What are some of the more popular granite countertop finishes?

The Polished Finish

This is the most used finish. It is shiny like a mirror, and it enhances the reflection of the granite making its natural colors and designs really standout. This finish also seals the stone, making it more resistant to stains. One thing to note is that it may scratches a little easier with this shiny finish, especially if the countertop is used frequently.

The Honed Finish

The honed finish is the opposite of the shiny finish you get with polishes. This finish is matte, and it is exceptionally smooth. This finish can best be described as very subtle and natural looking. This finish will hide scratches however, it may stain more easily because the stone’s pores are more open than in a polished finish.

The Leathered Finish

A leathered finish is a newer finish, and it aims to add texture to the granite. This does an excellent job of hiding fingerprints and can be a good option for a busy family kitchen. This finish is visually compelling, subtly stated, and easy to clean.

First You Need to Choose Your Countertops

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