Choosing the Right Stone for Your Outdoor Kitchen Counter

Outdoor kitchens are a great additional space for enjoying barbecues, birthday parties, or just family time. They are an extension of your home, and eastern North Carolina provides the perfect weather for you to enjoy cooking and hosting outside. If you are preparing to design an outdoor kitchen area, it is important to consider which type of countertop will work best for you. At C&C Stoneworks we want our customers to get the most out of their outdoor space, so we are here to help.

Some countertop options are more fitting than others, depending on your outdoor space. Will it be exposed to all types of weather? Where will the outdoor kitchen be in your yard, and how much upkeep do you want to perform on the space?

While marble and quartz are not the best options for an outdoor kitchen, here are some pluses and minuses of a few outdoor countertop choices.


Granite countertops are extremely durable and can withstand the outdoor elements. Weather and precipitation are no match for this resilient stone. Because of the pattern and composition of granite, it is low maintenance in that you do not have to constantly wipe it down to keep it clean, which makes it the perfect natural stone countertop for grilling and hosting friends in your outdoor kitchen.

While granite has many benefits, it is durable and when properly maintained is not easily stained by moisture or sunlight, there are some things that need to be considered when selecting granite. Granite does require sealing and the sealing frequency will depend on the type of sealer used, and how much abuse the countertop gets, but you should expect to reseal it yearly.

If possible, it is best to have the surface covered to protect from harsh exposure of sun, rain, and snow. If in direct sunlight, these counters can retain heat and feel hot to the touch – so covering your counter with a shade structure can help!


Porcelain is a practical and stylish option for your outdoor kitchen countertops. Porcelain is made of non-porous ceramic clay, and since it is manufactured under extremely high temperatures, it is a heat-resistant option that will hold up to years of use outdoors. It is also stain-resistant and exceptionally durable, able to withstand regular wear and tear as well as the effects of nature – all while mimicking the beautiful look of natural stone. Porcelain will also handle harsh temperature changes, which makes it a good option for climates where temperatures drop below freezing in the winter.

The only drawback that needs to be considered is that porcelain is typically manufactured in thinner slabs than other natural stone options. This means your edge profile options will be limited.

Whatever natural stone countertop style you prefer to use on your outdoor kitchen, C&C Stoneworks can help. We can help make recommendations based on the design, aesthetic, and maintenance that you are looking for in an outdoor kitchen. Visit our showroom and let our design specialist help you determine your options or call us today at 252-902-5535.