Choosing the Right Stone for Your Fireplace

It’s finally starting to feel like fall (or maybe more like winter) here in eastern North Carolina. Are you ready to get into the spirit of the season and enjoy a cozy night by the fire? But, what if you don’t have an outdoor fireplace or your indoor fireplace is in desperate need of an update? Don’t worry! You won’t be left in the cold with C and C Stoneworks. We can create a beautiful outdoor fireplace for your family to enjoy or update the stone and hearth on your indoor fireplace. From rustic to modern, there are many options available to create the style of your dreams. Not only the type of stone that you choose, but also the color, shape and installation will create a final work of art. ​
Here are some of our favorite indoor fireplace looks.

​Simple and Classic
 – This design uses beautiful white marble on the fireplace and hearth for a timeless look that goes well with any home décor.

Classic and Simplistic stone fireplace with white shelving on both sides

Rustic and Traditional – This natural stone fireplace will add warmth to any home. Accented with dark stained cabinetry, your home will have a cozy feel all year long.

Traditional and Rustic Stone fireplace with a tv mounted above it.

Contrasting Colors – This fireplace catches your eye with contrasting colors. A white mantel and a sleek black stone hearth add bold style to the space, but still has a traditional feel.

fireplace with a white mantel and black stone hearth

For outdoor fireplaces, you’ll encounter many stone options from a traditional brick, stucco or granite facade to more elaborate stonework available with a custom build.

​C and C Stoneworks in Greenville, NC can make your fireplace dreams come true. We can help you choose the perfect material, color and style to fit your space. Give us a call today!