Make a Statement with Large Format Porcelain

Large format porcelain panels have been around for a while, but they are just now gaining traction as a trend in kitchen and bath design. If you’re looking for a seamless, grout-less solution for kitchen and bathroom remodels, look no further than porcelain slabs. At C & C Stoneworks, we definitely see this as a growing trend among our clients.

Plus, with the advances in modern technology and manufacturing, slab porcelain is now available for bathroom and kitchen countertops, shower walls and floor and even fireplace surrounds. And, with patterns are more realistic than ever, and the end result can be absolutely breathtaking.

In this post, we’re going to look at the pros and cons of porcelain slabs.

What Is Porcelain Made of?

Porcelain is made from natural clay and has been around for thousands of years. The clay used to create porcelain has a high percentage of a mineral known as kaolinite included in it. Along with kaolinite, porcelain contains also includes silica, feldspar and other mineral oxides giving it its durability and strength.

The clay is put into a kiln and fired, with an end result that creates an extremely dense material nearly impermeable to heat, stains, chips and scratches. Pigmented glazes can be added during manufacturing to create different patterns and colors on the slab.

Here are the Pros of Porcelain Slabs.

If you’ve renovated your home anytime in the last couple years, you’ve probably replaced some of your surfaces with granite or engineered stone like quartz. Today, you can include large format porcelain as an option for creating a look of natural stone.

Porcelain slabs have a depth of pattern almost identical to natural marble or granite, and best of all it comes with none of the maintenance issues or use restrictions associated with most natural stone. It is also a very durable material that is much lighter and less costly than natural stone slabs and tile.

Large-format porcelain slabs are a stunning surface that:

  • Require zero maintenance.
  • Is a durably hard material.
  • Can be installed with minimal grout so seams are almost imperceivable.
  • Porcelain slabs are designed for fast installations, produce less waste, and are less expensive than their natural stone counterparts.
  • Porcelain is non-porous meaning it is scratch, stain and heat resistant.

Porcelain slabs can work in most instances. From countertops to backsplashes, shower surrounds to bathroom floors, and fireplace surround to anywhere you want a seamless look. Porcelain slabs are an excellent option to natural stone and come in a wide array of natural patterns. If you’re looking to stay on the cutting edge with your remodeling project, then large format porcelain is a great choice for you.

Here are the Cons.

Every material has drawbacks, and porcelain is no exception! Some of the cons to porcelain include:

  • Large format porcelain is difficult to fabricate.

Porcelain’s pattern does not have designs entirely through the materials, as they are basically printed on the top or glazed onto the material. So, because of this, slabs can be more brittle than something like quartz and can chip.

  • Ceramic knives can scratch the surface of porcelain.

I know we said that porcelain slabs are virtually scratch proof, but ceramic knives are its kryptonite! They are the one thing that can scratch porcelain, so we recommend not using ceramic knives on porcelain countertops without a cutting board on top!

Because the color is not throughout the entire material, if it becomes chipped or scratched, it is very difficult to touch up or repair.

Here’s the Bottom Line on Porcelain Slabs

When it comes right down to it, picking something depends on your style, needs, and budget. If you want to be cutting edge of design trends or you’re looking for a unique material that will make an absolutely stunning impact, large format porcelain slabs are an excellent option.

It can fit into just about any design, from a feature shower wall or fireplace surround to creating a seamless bath shower floor. It is extremely hard and not predisposed to staining or scratching like other natural stone options. Unlike marble, each porcelain slab is uniform, so you won’t need to spend too much time finding the “perfect” slab. In fact, with large format porcelain slabs, you can continue a vein across a complete wall for an extremely high-end look.

The bottom – porcelain is durable, versatile, affordable, and incredibly beautiful! If you’re interested in learning more about porcelain give us a call or make an appointment for a consultation today. You can also view some samples of our work here.

Will You be Making a Splash with Waterfall Countertops? 

Everybody loves a good waterfall in their kitchen – no, not that kind of waterfall. Waterfall countertops have been described as “stunning” and “jaw-dropping” when compared to traditional countertops, and they are an interior design trend for kitchens. Waterfall countertops on your kitchen island waterfall create a seamless, classy look, but do the pros outweigh the cons on this modern feature?

Before we jump into the comparison, maybe you are not sure that a waterfall countertop is exactly. Unlike their traditional counterparts which are flat and sit on cabinets or an island, a waterfall countertop flows over the sides, creating a clean, coherent piece that stands out in your kitchen. This will make your kitchen island really pop. So, is a waterfall countertop right for you?

A kitchen island with waterfall countertops is visually appealing, helping you to achieve a beautiful aesthetic space. Just like flat countertops their durability and clean-ability is based on the product selected. They are made of the same materials – granite, marble and quartz – so the sides are taken care of just like the tops!

Waterfall counters can provide extra storage and can protect your cabinets from damage since they are more concealed. Waterfall countertops can be designed to create more storage space for you in your kitchen. Since your cabinets are hidden, you will still have an appealing kitchen. And a waterfall countertop still allows you to slide bar stools under the countertop for some additional seating.

Since a waterfall countertop uses more granite, marble or granite, they can be more expensive when compared to a traditional kitchen countertop. However, your kitchen is one of the rooms in your house that really increases the value of your home and a statement piece like a waterfall countertop is sure to increase your kitchen’s value and appeal to potential buyers.

Are you thinking about making a splash with an upgrade to waterfall countertops? Do the pros outweigh the cons? If you have any questions about waterfall countertops compared to traditional countertops, reach out to our design team. They can take a look at your kitchen, make recommendations and get the process started on designing your dream kitchen with the perfect natural stone countertops,

Give us a call today at (252) 902-5535 or stop by our showroom at 6144 NC Highway 43 South in Greenville, North Carolina.

How to Pick the Countertop Edge That is Right for You

You decided to get new kitchen countertops and you had to make a lot of decisions. First, do you want granite, marble or quartz? Then you had to pick the design. Do you like veining or something less dramatic. Do you need a design that is warm or cool? But you didn’t realize that one of the other decisions you would have to make was regarding the countertop edge style.

You may not think that this is as a big a detail as the other choices, but it can have a pretty significant impact on the overall design style of your kitchen. The edging on countertops can make your kitchen design feel dated, modern or somewhere in between – we call it “transitional“.

What are the options available to me?

There are so many edge styles to choose from, that we decided we would make it easier for you by putting them in a chart. We are going to break these down by standard edges, premium edges and custom edges and give you some information about these popular edge styles.


Straight Edge:

Straight edges are perfect if you are searching for a clean design. This edge style is slightly rounded on the corners which protects the stone.

Beveled Edge:

A beveled edge is one of the most popular edge styles, probably because it offers a sleek, angled look.

Quarter Round Edge:

Homeowners pick this edge style for its simplicity and elegance without intruding into the overall design of their kitchen.

Waterfall Edge:

Waterfall edges are great when you want to make your countertops the focal point of the kitchen and highlighting the beauty of the stone you choose. This edge style should not be confused with a waterfall countertop which is a trendy style when the countertop continues down the side of an island or cabinetry.

Ogee Edge:

The Ogee edge offers an elegant, yet classic look that pairs well with a kitchen that is traditional in style.


How do I know what edging is right for me?

Start with the style of your kitchen.

When you are choosing other elements for your new or remodeled kitchen pay attention. When you pick cabinet doors, light fixtures, appliances, backsplash tile and flooring, you could see a pattern developing. Are you choosing materials with curved lines or are you sticking with clean lines and sleek styles? Wherever your style is going for those elements that will help you decide on countertop edge style.

Do you need something family friendly?

If you have young children or grandchildren that are running around your house, you may want to consider an edge that is more rounded. Smooth, clean lines look absolutely amazing, but they are not great for kids. Rounded edges are safer than straight edges.

What is your budget?

Obviously, custom edges are more intricate, and prices are higher on those edge styles. o up. Simple, standard edge styles will be less expensive and more budget friendly than premium or custom edge options because less work is involved. Premium and custom edges are sure to give your kitchen a statement-making countertop, but you may find that the standard edge styles will give you the tasteful looks and style that fits any kitchen at a budget-friendly cost.

Are you ready to move forward with your kitchen transformation?

C&C Stoneworks is ready to help you! We specialize in natural and engineered stone fabrication and installation across all of eastern North Carolina. Our team can help you pick the perfect countertop and edging for your kitchen’s style. Give us a call today, 202-902-5535.


Reasons Quartz is So Popular

Recently, the natural stone business is noticing a growing trend among customers. Just as granite swept home remodels and renovations in the early 2000s, quartz products are taking the spotlight in the newest homes. Thanks to HGTV and many home design experts, quartz is the newest trend, and for good reason! So, why is this trend becoming more widespread among homeowners? Here are 5 main reasons for the increase in the demand for this beautiful manmade countertop option.

1.   Durability
Unlike natural stones such as granite, marble, travertine, limestone or soapstone, which are mined from quarries around the world, quartz is engineered and created in factories, using some of the hardest minerals on earth. This process, along with its other additives, such as polyester resins, gives quartz extreme durability. Quartz is scratch resistant and will not stain – attractive qualities for homeowners with children, or for those who really use their kitchens for cooking, cutting, etc.

2.   Low Maintenance
Due to its stain-resistant, non-porous nature, quartz never has to be resealed like its sister stones granite and marble. Owners do not need to be too particular about cleaning the stone either. More delicate materials cannot be exposed to cleaning products or harsh chemicals, while quartz can take a wipe down from bleach products to ammonia cleaners and remain unharmed. Although, we don’t recommend it! Quartz is antibacterial because it is non-porous, so a damp cloth will do the trick!

3.   Uniformity
Natural stone, like granite, is known for its “movement” and non-uniform appearance, whereas quartz is engineered and therefore consistent in its design. This not only saves time in the design process by allowing fabricators to cut the stone without a predetermined layout (as they do with granite or marble, to make sure the customer likes where the variations in the stone are placed within the space), but it also makes matching paint, tile, and cabinet colors and styles easier for the homeowner.

4.   Options
In previous years, quartz was criticized for its lackluster patterns and designs, which paled in comparison to granite and marble. However, today there are quality brands of quartz that resemble granite and marble so accurately that most customers can’t tell the difference. Manufactures are able to not only polish, but they can now produce a honed, embossed, or sand blasted finish. The latest strides made in the quartz industry make it a top contender for the newest kitchen and bathroom projects.

5.   Cost
Despite the fact that it’s manufactured, the price tag per square foot on this increasingly popular material mirrors that of mid-level granite. Most people looking to renovate or start a new project with natural stone already have an idea of the cost, so they’re prepared to spend the kind of money that will buy a custom stone kitchen or bathroom!

Are you ready to give your kitchen a facelift? Contact C and C Stoneworks for a free consultation on your upcoming kitchen or bathroom renovations!

Honed vs. Polished Granite – What You Should Know

When deciding on granite countertops for your home, there are a lot of decisions to make. Of course, there is the color, but there’s also the edges and finishes. Even the smallest of details can make a big difference in the overall look of your completed countertop. As we mentioned, you will need to decide on the finish of your countertop – honed or polished. Many people don’t really know the difference, or quite possibly have never really looked into it. So, here is some information you need to know when deciding on the granite countertop finish for your home.

What is honed granite?
A honed finish on your granite will create a matte, low-gloss sheen. To create this finish, the polishing process is halted before buffing, leaving a surface that is not as reflective as typical granite. Honed finishes are perfect for homeowners looking for a casual, trendy or even aged look.

What are the characteristics of honed granite?
Due to its matte finish, honed granite is more resistant to scratches. When compared to polished granite, a scratch on this finish will be less noticeable because light will not reflect off of it as much. While honed granite is more resistant to scratches, it is however more susceptible to staining. If you choose this finish, just make sure to clean up spills in a timely manner.

Honed Granite at a Glance
Feel: Velvety
Look: Matte/Low Gloss
Durability: Resistant to scratches/more susceptible to staining
Where to Use It: Kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, foyer, living room
Maintenance: Wipe with water and mild detergent, clean up spills quickly, re-sealing is suggested over time.

What is polished granite?
A polished granite finish is the most common choice. It is highly reflective and puts on full display the vibrate color and character of your granite stone. It is smooth in texture and glossy. Some may even say it is shiny as it reflects the natural reflection of the stone’s crystals.

What are the characteristics of polished granite?
Granite with a polished finish is coated, making it less susceptible to stains. This finish makes for a more classic look in a kitchen or bathroom. Although it is more resistant to stains, the highly reflective surface makes scratches more visible.

Polished Granite at a Glance
Feel: Smooth
Look: Shiny/Glossy
Durability: More resistant to stains/susceptible to scratches and etches
Where to Use It: Kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, fireplace surrounds and walls.
Maintenance: Wipe with water and mild detergent, clean up spills quickly.

No matter the granite countertop finish you choose, new countertops will make a great addition to your home. Be sure to contact C & C Stoneworks if you have any additional questions or are planning a remodel of your own.

Trending Granite Countertop Colors in 2020

We’re always keeping up with the latest design trends here at C and C Stoneworks. If you’re ready to update your home’s countertops with a stylish and durable surface, look no further. Our countertop experts can point you in the right direction to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and taste. Granite has been a favorite since the beginning, and in 2020 that is still the case. Not only is it beautiful, it’s durable and increases the value of your home! Here are 2020 granite countertop colors that are trending this year.


Alaska White Granite
The perfect balance of light and dark, Alaska White Granite is great for all indoor projects, in any room. Create a stunning look when paired with dark wood cabinets and lighter décor. Kitchens featuring this stone accomplish a classic look that is sure to always be trending!



Absolute Black Premium Granite
This slab is a beauty! Predominantly black with speckles of golds, silvers, greens and grays, this stone makes a statement in any room. If your style is a little more modern, this may be the perfect option for you. White walls and cabinets will provide a perfect contrast to create a sleek, clean look.



Himalaya White Granite
Whites are definitely trending this year. If you’re looking to pull off the all-white look, this granite option is calling your name. Himalaya White Granite features a beautiful marbling effect that will give you the elegant look you are going for. If an all-white kitchen isn’t quite your style, this countertop will look amazing with blue accent cabinets in your island. This will bring out the beautiful blue undertones and add a pop of color!



Azul Bahia Granite
If you want something completely unique, you’re in luck! Bold colors and patterns are also trending in 2020. If you’re a fan of blues and unique granite characteristics, take a look at the Azul Bahia Granite. This stone will be the focal point in any room you use it in and definitely make your home unique – in the best way possible.


Can Small Kitchens Have Dark Countertops?

In the past, you may have heard design experts say that you should avoid dark colors in small spaces. But this isn’t the case anymore! The field of design is expanding, and more and more people are willing to challenge the “rules” to create more memorable and unique spaces. So, is it okay to use a dark countertop stone in a small kitchen?

In the past, you may have heard design experts say that you should avoid dark colors in small spaces. But this isn’t the case anymore! The field of design is expanding, and more and more people are willing to challenge the “rules” to create more memorable and unique spaces. So, is it okay to use a dark countertop stone in a small kitchen?
We think the advice, “avoid dark colors in small rooms” is a thing of the past. Dark colors can be beautiful, even in small spaces. If you love the stunning look of dark countertops, but have a small kitchen, you don’t have to settle! You can have the dark countertops you love and still create the illusion of a bigger kitchen. Here are a few tips for how to include dark countertops in your small kitchen.Pair with Light Cabinetry
In general, having both dark cabinets and countertops will make your kitchen look small. But, selecting lighter cabinetry instead can add breathtaking contrast while still helping your space to appear larger! Here’s another idea – to make your kitchen feel even more spacious, consider cabinetry with glass doors.

Choose Lighter Color Walls
Lighter color walls reflect light and gives the illusion of additional space. Although dark walls can work in a small space, we suggest avoiding them if you have already chosen a dark countertop material!

Think About the Details
Even the seemingly small details of your kitchen design can make the room feel much more spacious. For example, did you know the pattern on a floor can actually make your kitchen look larger? The same goes for your backsplash design. A linear backsplash running horizontally up the wall is a great choice for small spaces. Also, keeping clutter off of your countertops will make the space feel bigger too!

So, we’re all for dark countertops! Available in a wide variety of materials, including granite, marble and quartz, dark countertops are simply beautiful. Don’t be afraid to break the design “rules.” Let C and C Stoneworks help you create your perfect kitchen – even if it may be small! Our design experts can help you with everything from countertops, backsplashes, flooring and cabinetry. Give us a call today.



New Year, New Stone Trends

Happy New Year! With 2020 in full swing, we can now talk about some of our favorite stone and countertop trends for this year. Some are classics we see from year to year, and a few are new trends we just can’t wait to tell you about. If a kitchen or bathroom remodel is on your to-do list for 2020, these trends are sure to get you excited!

Slab Backsplash
Stone slab backsplashes will add so much drama to your kitchen. Extending the countertop material, whether that be granite, quartz or marble, up the wall to meet your cabinetry, creates a streamlined, clean and contemporary backsplash design.

Double Islands
Here’s a new idea we are really loving! Expand your kitchen’s functionality and maintain a great traffic flow with double islands. It’s a great way to divide the space and create two distinct areas; one for preparing food and another for gathering with family and friends! You can make even more of a statement on your double islands by using a complementing stone countertop to match the rest of the countertops in your kitchen. Or, you can opt for a contrasting countertop color to really make the islands the focal point of the space.

Gravity Defying Countertops
Clean lines and sleek designs are definitely trending in 2020. Many homeowners want to maximize open space, and a gravity defying countertop is the perfect way to do that! Having a countertop that extends feet beyond the structure of your island not only allows you to slide barstools underneath but creates a cool architectural piece in your kitchen!Quartz
Once again, in 2020, quartz isn’t going anywhere. At the top of the countertop material list, quartz is both durable and beautiful! We highly suggest visiting our stone yard to see our many quartz options in person!Dark Stones
In years past we have seen light and bright trends, with white countertops and white cabinetry. But, in 2020 expect to see dark stones more and more. Especially in smaller spaces and bathrooms, dark stones can add a lot of drama to your space. Dark stone countertops paired with dark cabinetry will be trending this year!

Make your home trend this year! Contact C and C Stoneworks for all your stone countertop, tile and flooring needs.

Creative Ways to Use Granite in Your Home

As we’ve said in many of our previous blogs, granite is the most popular material for kitchen countertops. Here at C and C Stoneworks, we don’t think the eye-catching beauty of granite should be limited just to countertops though! It’s naturally beautiful and incredibly durable, making it the perfect stone to incorporate into other areas of your home as well. Here are 5 ways to use granite in your home – that are not on a kitchen countertop.

  1. Backsplash – Granite is just as functional for a backsplash as it is for a countertop. A custom-fabricated granite backsplash is the perfect choice to create a cohesive look in your kitchen. You can go with a complimenting or contrasting design to give your kitchen the look you desire.

  2. Floor Tile – Granite floor tiles are available in many different designs, colors and patterns and can give a very attractive look to your home. Granite flooring is durable, long lasting and resistant to scratching and staining. Not to mention, it can increase the overall value of your property!

  3. Fireplace – Granite is a great stone to use on fireplaces. It is extremely durable and can handle the heat. A granite fireplace surround can easily dress up any plain or outdated fireplace.

  4. Sinks – Think outside of the porcelain, stainless steel or glass box when it comes to sinks. The trendiest new material for sinks is, you guessed it, granite! Granite sinks are made from granite dust and resins that are molded into an eye-catching, heat and scratch resistant sink. When coordinated with your countertops, using granite for your kitchen sink can create a beautiful and seamless look.

  5. Tabletops and Desks – By using granite, you can create a sophisticated and low-maintenance dining room table that matches your kitchen countertops. Another idea is to use granite as a top for the built-in desk in your home.


Are you inspired? Do you have new ideas of how to incorporate granite into your home?

Contact C and C Stoneworks in Greenville, NC today! Our talented fabricators can help make your dreams come true!

Choosing the Right Stone for Your Fireplace

It’s finally starting to feel like fall (or maybe more like winter) here in eastern North Carolina. Are you ready to get into the spirit of the season and enjoy a cozy night by the fire? But, what if you don’t have an outdoor fireplace or your indoor fireplace is in desperate need of an update? Don’t worry! You won’t be left in the cold with C and C Stoneworks. We can create a beautiful outdoor fireplace for your family to enjoy or update the stone and hearth on your indoor fireplace. From rustic to modern, there are many options available to create the style of your dreams. Not only the type of stone that you choose, but also the color, shape and installation will create a final work of art. ​
Here are some of our favorite indoor fireplace looks.

​Simple and Classic
 – This design uses beautiful white marble on the fireplace and hearth for a timeless look that goes well with any home décor.

Classic and Simplistic stone fireplace with white shelving on both sides

Rustic and Traditional – This natural stone fireplace will add warmth to any home. Accented with dark stained cabinetry, your home will have a cozy feel all year long.

Traditional and Rustic Stone fireplace with a tv mounted above it.

Contrasting Colors – This fireplace catches your eye with contrasting colors. A white mantel and a sleek black stone hearth add bold style to the space, but still has a traditional feel.

fireplace with a white mantel and black stone hearth

For outdoor fireplaces, you’ll encounter many stone options from a traditional brick, stucco or granite facade to more elaborate stonework available with a custom build.

​C and C Stoneworks in Greenville, NC can make your fireplace dreams come true. We can help you choose the perfect material, color and style to fit your space. Give us a call today!